COVID-19 Test for Private

A private COVID-19 test is offered as a service to those in need of a COVID-19 test with a quick and sensitive response time. We offer 3 response time services; Express service delivers the sample results within 4 hours. Same Day service delivers the sample results during the day, and our last service delivers the sample results Next Day.

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COVID-19 Tests for Companies

Our COVID-19 Test service for companies makes it possible to protect employees, while conducting business as usual. Through our COVID-19 testing, we can identify in real-time if any employee is infected.
PentaBase offers the solution customised to your desires and needs - Whether travel was included or there is a simple desire to ensure a safe work environment.

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PCR Molecular

Discover our molecular diagnostic.
Our proprietary PCR-based in vitro molecular diagnostic assays for detection of somatic mutations in solid and liquid biopsies. Based on PentaBase’s novel and selective INA® technologies Microsight®, PlentiPlex™ and SensiScreen® assays provide complementary diagnostics and monitoring of clinically relevant somatic mutations in BRAF, EGFR, KIT, KRAS, NRAS, MSI, MYD88 and PIK3CA genes.

About us

PentaBase is an innovative biotech company located in the heart of Denmark. We specialize in custom oligonucleotide production and development of in vitro diagnostic assays for real-time PCR with special focus on detection of somatic mutations in cancer.

For more than 10 years, PentaBase has created real-time PCR-based products for researchers and medical professionals exploring new treatments and helping patients worldwide. Our products are based on our proprietary technology, Intercalating Nucleic Acids (INAs®), providing unique abilities in analysis and manipulation of genetic material.

We believe in open-platform designs and are making all of our products compatible with standard equipment used in molecular biology facilities around the world.


PentaBase has completed internal validation

By Emeli Elisabeth Hansen  /  30. March 2020
Sunday night, the final data was ready. PentaBase is proud to present that we have completed the internal validation of...

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Profile of the month

By Emeli Elisabeth Hansen  /  26. March 2020
PentaBase has been named profile of the month by BioPeople - Denmark's Life Science Cluster

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Our chairman has signed up to help Danish authorities against COVID-19

By Ulf Bech  /  21. March 2020
  As our board is international, PentaBase has canceled all physical board meetings until SARS-CoV-2 is under control and the...

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TUI sikrer at deres kunder kan komme på ferie uanset om det offentlige ikke kan levere Coronatestsvar tids nok. Det er god kundeservice.

We are proud to enable the possibilities to setup fast track COVID-19 testing in airports around the world. Now Faroe Islands, Germany and Greenland is on the list. Enjoy your travelling and holidays. Next step is reducing time by one hour more.

Det er ikke kun hos PentaBase bolden ruller. Tak til DBU for den tillid de har vist os.

Efter mere end 400 negative tests: Coronafri kvindeliga klar til… #pentabase #TalkwalkerAlerts via @talkwalker

Amongst many equipment on the @DTUtweet #COVID19 pipeline, kudos to @opentrons OT-2 for the fast & reliable liquid handling between tubes and plates, @PentaBase for the RNA extraction / #SARSCoV2 multiplexed qPCR kits and our custom @benchling for an automated data handling. 3/3

We are always ready to answer any question you may have. Don't hesitate to contact us!

Call +45 36 96 94 96 or send an email to moc.esabatnep@ofni

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